FIRE UP FOR THE REDLANDS DOGS {Fundraising Calendar}

A month ago I had the honor of photographing these brave firefighters, along with some adoptable dogs that were found abandoned in the Redlands’ area. It is a sad and downright heartbreaking situation that’s taking place in one of the southernmost parts of our Florida State and is affecting us all.

With Isabel Zapata, who was in charge of making this amazing project possible, we are trying to bring awareness to this situation.

I know we are a “bit” late on the calendar sales, but the year is just starting and you have the whole year to contemplate this wonderful calendar and these beautiful doggies (and smiling firefighters!!)

All the proceedings from this calendar’s sales will help these rescues continue doing this unbelievable labor of love!

READY TO HELP!? Click here to BUY your Fire Up For The Redlands Dogs 2017 Calendar and help save a life!

And remember, all these AMAZING DOGS featured here are looking for their forever home! To ADOPT any of these dogs, or to help in any way, please contact the rescues at:

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