I was traveling… I was 5,000 miles away from home when I got the call at 4:00am that Mooza had just passed away. Without warning, she sliped away from our lives.

She had just turned 10 years old on August 22nd, and thank God, I made a very special celebration for her, that day.

I am heartbroken. Coming home and knowing she wouldn’t be there to greet me was one of the hardest moments of my life.

Our home will never be the same.

She was not only our beloved dog, she was my work inspiration, my logo, and the reason why I created the ‘Me and My Human Mom’ four years ago. This idea came about because of the LOVE I felt for her!

I am back at the Studio, and even though I am still incredibly sad, I will continue doing what Mooza inspired me to do: Pet Photography. I know she wants me to continue capturing forever moments with your beloved pets. This will be her legacy!

Thank you to all the ones who knew about this and sent me cards and gifts to the studio.  really appreciate all of the love you have shown me. For the ones that didn’t know,

I wanted to share this with you and apologize for being so quiet lately…but this was the reason why.

Until we meet again Moo! Run free with our Simon!!

Your Human Mom, Paola

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